How to Choose the Best Artificial Christmas Tree

Christmas tree

There are so many choices these days when it comes to artificial Christmas trees. We are going to make sense of if all so you will make the right decision and choose the absolute best artificial Christmas tree to enjoy for many years to come.

Buying an artificial Christmas tree is overwhelming these days. So many choices, so much to consider.

How do you choose? We’ve got you covered.

Why Consider an Artificial Christmas Tree?

There are many reasons more and more people are opting to buy artificial Christmas trees vs. a real Christmas tree.

  1. Save money. Real trees are expensive, and obviously not reusable. So, you may be investing anywhere from $50 – $200 every single year. This adds up. Artificial Christmas trees are a one-time purchase and can last 10-15 years or more.
  2. Save time. There are several aspects of real trees that add time and effort into the equation. Real trees take time to choose, pack up, transport, set up safely. There is also the chore of watering to take into consideration. Finally, the clean-up and disposal is another big task. 
  3. Less mess. Real trees need regular watering. They also drop needles, especially as time goes on.
  4. Avoid water your Christmas tree. Some have mild or even serious allergic reactions to evergreen trees.
  5. No fire hazards. Real trees pose a fire hazard, especially if not watered sufficiently. This was the reason our father always gave for having an artificial Christmas tree when we were growing up.
  6. No babysitting. We mentioned it above, but seriously. If you don’t want to have to stay home to water your Christmas tree, then you might consider going artificial.
  7. Longer lasting. More and more people are extending the enjoyment of the holiday season. We take all the time and effort to decorate our Christmas trees we want it to last longer than a couple weeks. If you want to enjoy your tree for a month or more, you will want to jump on the artificial Christmas tree bandwagon.

What to Consider when Shopping for a Faux Christmas Tree

Now let’s look at what things you should consider when deciding on a faux Christmas tree.

  • Size
  • Shape
  • Type of branches
  • Tree material
  • Tip count
  • Flocked or not
  • Pre-lit or not
  • Type of bulbs
  • Density
  • Warranty
  • Price

Choosing the Size of your Artificial Christmas Tree

When trying to decide the size of your tree here are things to consider:

  • Measure your space in advance.
  • Ideally you want at least 30cm between the top of the tree and the ceiling.
  • Leave 5cm between the bottom of the tree (widest spot) and the walls.

Note:  These aren’t hard and fast rules but general guidelines.

Choosing the Shape of your Tree

The main shape categories you’ll find are:

  1. Full: regular, full-size tree
  2. Slim: more narrow-shaped tree
  3. Pencil:  most narrow-shaped tree
  4. Tabletop
  5. Potted

Within these categories you’ll find a variety of sizes.

Look to the specific dimensions to find the best fit for your space.

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