Christmas Wreath – Velmont, 60cm

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Faux foliage – the gift that keeps on giving. A must-have for seasonal and holiday displays, this wreath brings festive flair to any space. Red berries and pinecones give this lifelike design its Christmas appeal.

Our Velmont wreath is extremely thick and lush with an added metal frame. This allows the Velmont wreath to support even more lush foliage and gives you the convenience of hanging it easily on your wall or mantle.

Don’t forget to fluff! Simply start at the top and work in a spiral motion down the wreath. For best results, you’ll want to start from the inside and work out, making sure to touch every branch, positioning them up and down in a variety of ways, checking for any open spaces as you go. As you work your way down, the spiral motion will ensure you won’t have any gaps. By touching every branch you’ll make the desired full, natural look.

Product specifications

  • 60cm diameter

What this item includes

  • Velmont Christmas wreath, 60cm x 01 pcs
Christmas Wreath
Christmas Wreath – Velmont, 60cm