Eira Alpine Artificial Christmas Tree


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Using the latest technology, our enhanced faux Christmas trees have never been simpler and easier to use.

  • 100% True Photos – Tree photos are assembled and taken in our studio.
  • Easy assembly – With our hinged branches already attached, all that’s left for you is to fluff out your tree with your loved ones. Spend time bonding with your loved ones while decorating your tree.
  • Made to last – Using reinforced hinge support, you can be assured your tree can last for years. This means you won’t need to spend and replace your trees annually.
  • Sturdy and tough – Enjoy a peace of mind with our ultra-sturdy tree base. Eliminate any risks with our trees.
  • Unparalleled richness – Our Christmas trees are definitely denser than others by at least 20%. This gives your tree a more life-like natural look that can further hype up your home.
  • True-to-life colours – With our strict and thorough quality checks, our chosen shades ensure your tree appears more naturalistic as possible.
Eira Alpine Christmas Tree
Eira Alpine Artificial Christmas Tree
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