100W Hot Melt Glue Gun set (includes glue sticks)

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Commercial grade Glue Gun. High power rating for prolonged use.

Tired of waiting for the glue stick to heat up each time you trigger the glue gun? Those low power rated glue guns always requires time to heat the glue whenever it’s triggered. Skip that inconvenience, increase your productivity and save time with our commercial grade glue gun.

Comes with 2 modes. 60W and 100W. You can choose which mode to use anytime. Don’t waste time waiting for the glue to melt each time you use.

Uses standard mini hot melt sticks.

Glue Stick : GS11DT.


  • Small, portable size for quick gluing jobs in tight spaces
  • Trigger-feed mechanism controls glue flow
  • Handy and lightweight, comfortable to hold in hand
  • Heats quickly (3-5mins), no waste of time
  • Easy operation, 2 finger triggers, moves up and down in an arc
  • Comes with proper stand and glue sticks
  • Wide application in handcraft and repair job
  • Heats quickly, no waste of time.
  • Working voltage:100V-240V
  • Frequency:50-60Hz
  • Rated Power: 60-100W
  • Easy operation
  • Fold-out stand for safe, handy storage while in use

What this item includes

  • Commercial grade Hot Melt Glue Gun x 01 pcs
  • Commercial grade Glue sticks x 10 pcs


  • CE certified
  • Extra safe Class II equipment to prevent electrical shocks
  • Durable and meant for long-term use
Glue gun
100W Hot Melt Glue Gun set (includes glue sticks)