Twist Tie, 50m

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Length: 50m

Easy to use with built in cutter

Extra thick and strong twist ties

Able to withstand greater tension and force

This extra long and durable twist tie is just perfect for your work tasks.

It’s so useful for wrapping cords, vines plants, usb extension cable, and whatever you want. Our cutter is anti-rust and can last for years. This allows you to use these premium twist tie for long periods of time.

Our twist tie comes rolled up nice and tight and you can pull out exactly what you need and cut it off with our built in cutter.

This is small enough to fit in your pocket while your gardening or moving things around. And great for tying climbing plants, tall flowers, tomato plants, wrapping cords, photo hanging wire, or anywhere else you need it.

Product Information

Twist tie length: 50m (Extra Long)

Material: iron wire and plastic

Twist Tie, 50m